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XML Tag Import Processor

XML Tag Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

Unidentified items should be handled when they occur. However, some may be in the system from a previous time or from a different process. It is vital to determine the cause of any errors and correct them. It is also possible that the unidentified items may be vital documents.

To review all SYS Unidentified Items in OnBase:

  1. Select File | Open | Retrieve Document in the Client module. Alternatively, click the Retrieve Documents button on the toolbar.
  2. Select the System Documents document type group and the SYS Unidentified Items document type.
  3. Click Find.
    Ideally, there should be no documents. If there are, open the documents and verify that they are actual documents. If the item is an actual unidentified document, the process used may need to be modified.
    To determine the batch the document belongs to:
    1. Select it in the hit list and right-click. If the document is open, just right-click on it.
    2. Select Properties. This screen will display the batch number the document is a part of.

From here, the batch can be found and the process format determined. Most likely, the batch will be in the Committed queue.