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Epic Chart Search

Epic Chart Search

The solution was designed with the following in mind:

  • The solution uses OnBase as a part of the existing Integration for Epic OnBase environment.
  • The solution only works in customer environments that do not use direct sending of HL7. OnBase must be configured to send HL7 from a life cycle for the solution to properly function.
  • A new HL7 template for MDM^T08 to Epic was created and contains the ZSN segment.
  • No new HL7 processes or destinations are required.
  • Notifications about page-level changes can only be sent to Epic if those changes are made in a core-based client (for example, the Unity Client).
  • When making document changes using the OnBase Client, notifications are only sent to Epic when new revisions are created. Page-level changes made using the OnBase Client do not result in notifications being sent to Epic.