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Hyland Clinician Window

Hyland Clinician Window

The following topics discuss requirements for installing the Hyland Healthcare NilRead Adapter.

Internet Information Services (IIS) Requirements

Internet Information Services (IIS) is required. The server must be configured for secure connections (HTTPS), with Require SSL enabled.

Microsoft .NET Requirements

The Microsoft .NET 6.0 Windows Hosting Bundle is required.

NilRead Requirements

NilRead deployments used with the Hyland Healthcare NilRead Adapter must satisfy the following requirements. For information about configuring NilRead, please see the documentation provided for NilRead administration.

  • The NilRead version must be or later.

  • The NilRead SSL certificate must be installed on the server hosting the Hyland Rendering and Conversion Service (HyRCS). The Hyland Rendering and Conversion Service typically is installed as part of the Hyland API Server.

  • NilRead must have a separate site configured to handle requests originating from Hyland Clinician Window. This site must be configured to use the Hyland Identity Provider (IdP). For required settings, see Configuring NilRead to Use IdP Authentication.