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Hyland Clinician Window

Hyland Clinician Window

You can change the Keyword Type that the OnBase Healthcare API uses to retrieve document description values. By default, document description values are obtained from the OnBase system's built-in Description Keyword Type.

To change the Keyword Type for description values:

  1. Open appsettings.Production.json of the OnBase Healthcare API in a plain-text editor.

    In a default installation, this file is located in C:\Program Files\Hyland\HCOnBaseAPI.

  2. Update the DescriptionKeywordTypeNum value to match the ID number of the OnBase Keyword Type you want to use for document descriptions.

    By default, the value is 1, which is the ID number of the built-in Description Keyword Type.

  3. Save appsettings.Production.json.
  4. Recycle the application pool of the OnBase Healthcare API server.