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Hyland Clinician Window

Hyland Clinician Window

You can grant Emergency Access privileges to specific User Groups in the OnBase Configuration module.

To configure Emergency Access:

  1. In the OnBase Configuration module, select Medical | Healthcare Clients | Emergency Access. The Emergency Access dialog box is displayed.
  2. In the Emergency Access Duration (Hours) field, enter the number of hours a user should be allowed to view restricted contents after obtaining Emergency Access.

    The Emergency Access Duration (Hours) setting does not apply to Emergency Access in the OnBase Client or the Medical Records Unity Client. In these clients, Emergency Access is always 24 hours.

    After a user obtains Emergency Access, the user can view restricted contents in applicable healthcare clients only for the duration entered in this field. Once the duration elapses, the user cannot view the contents without requesting Emergency Access again. The default Emergency Access Duration (Hours) value is 24 hours.

  3. Designate the User Groups that should be able to obtain Emergency Access.
    1. Under Available User Groups, select one or more User Groups.
    2. Click Add.
      To remove an assigned group, select it from the Selected User Groups list, and then click Remove.
  4. When you are done configuring Emergency Access, click Close.