Retrieve Encounter Metadata by Internal ID - Hyland Clinician Window - 23.1 - 23.1 - Other - external

Hyland Clinician Window

Hyland Clinician Window

The OnBase Healthcare API can use an internal encounter (chart) ID to retrieve patient metadata for a specific encounter or chart. The following flowchart describes the expected result based on VIP criteria and user privileges.

Page-1 Start/End START START Decision Is patient VIP? Is patient VIP? Subprocess Return encounter metadata (Audited) Return encounter metadata(Audited) Dynamic connector Dynamic connector.87 YES YES Dynamic connector.17 NO NO Dynamic connector.19 YES YES Dynamic connector.20 NO NO Dynamic connector.23 Process.22 Request encounter metadata Request encounter metadata Decision.27 User has Patient Access privilege? User has Patient Access privilege? Dynamic connector.28 YES YES Subprocess.29 Do not return encounter metadata (Audited) Do not return encounter metadata(Audited) Start/End.33 END END Dynamic connector.34 Dynamic connector.36 Subprocess.47 Error 403: Forbidden Error 403: Forbidden Dynamic connector.42 NO NO Dynamic connector.43 Text Callout User has BOTH the Emergency Access privilege and a non-expire... User has BOTH the Emergency Access privilege and a non-expired Emergency Access request for patient Decision.38 User has Emergency Access? User has Emergency Access?