Configuring a Provider for the EHR Authorization Server - Hyland Clinician Window - 23.1 - 23.1 - Other - external

Hyland Clinician Window

Hyland Clinician Window

The EHR authorization server must be configured as an OIDC-Exchange provider on the Hyland IdP server.

The following procedure describes how to configure a provider to be used with a SMART on FHIR launch of Hyland Clinician Window. For more information about configuring providers, see the Identity and Access Management Services documentation.

To configure a provider for the EHR authorization server:

  1. Log in to the Hyland IdP Administration client.
  2. Make sure the Provider tab is selected.
  3. Click Add New. The provider configuration page is displayed.
  4. Enter a Name for the provider.
  5. Select OIDC-Exchange from the Type drop-down list.
  6. Configure the following settings:
    Setting Description

    The unique user identifier received from the OIDC-Exchange provider. For an Epic integration, use the following:



    The name of the claim that contains the end user ID. For an Epic integration, use the following:


    Enable User Provisioning Select Enable User Provisioning
    User Provisioning Create Enabled Select User Provisioning Create Enabled
    User Provisioning Update Enabled Deselect User Provisioning Update Enabled
    Issuer The URL of the issuer of ID tokens.
    JWKS Uri The URL to the JSON Web Key Set endpoint for the EHR authorization server.
  7. Click Save.