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Hyland Clinician Window

Hyland Clinician Window

You can create a URL to open the patient record view for a specific patient.

Patient record URLs have the following format:

<Base URL>/overview/<Patient ID>/<Filter Criteria>/<Category ID>/<Content ID>

The following is an example of a patient record URL:


Parameters are described in the following table:



Base URL

Required. The URL used to access the application. For example:


Patient ID

Required. The external identifier of the patient, such as the master patient index.

If the patient ID is associated with an assigning authority in one or more source systems, then the assigningAuthority parameter must be included in the URL query string. See Adding the Assigning Authority.

Filter Criteria

Optional. An encoded string specifying the filter criteria to be applied by default. Filter criteria in the URL override the default filter criteria configured for the solution.

If the filter criteria in the URL are invalid, then the application falls back to the default filter configured for the solution.

To construct and encode the filter criteria segment, see Encoding Filter Criteria.

Category ID

Optional. The ID number configured for the category that should be selected by default. If this value is omitted or 0, then the default category is selected.

Content ID

Optional. An encoded string specifying the document or study to be displayed by default in the preview pane. To construct and encode the content ID segment, see Encoding the Content ID.

If this parameter is omitted, then the first item in the specified category is displayed by default.