Applying a Filter - Hyland Clinician Window - 23.1 - 23.1 - Other - external

Hyland Clinician Window

Hyland Clinician Window

Apply a filter to display only contents that meet specific criteria.

To apply a filter:

  1. Open the patient record.
  2. Click or tap the filter button in the upper-right corner of the filter bar, or press Ctrl + Alt + F.
    The Apply Filters pane is displayed.
  3. In the Apply Filters pane, select the filter options you want to apply.
    • To find a specific filter option, start typing its value into the Search filter options field. Matching values are highlighted in yellow.

    • If more than three options are available for a filter, select View All to view all available options.

    • Collapse sections you do not want to see by clicking or tapping the arrow to the right of the section header.

  4. Click or tap Apply. The medical record is filtered accordingly.

    To close the filter pane without applying your selections, press Esc or click or tap Cancel.