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Hyland Clinician Window

Hyland Clinician Window

If you find an issue in a medical record, you can flag the associated document for correction.

You cannot flag a document that is currently undergoing correction. If a document is currently undergoing correction, the Flag for Correction button is disabled and a message is displayed at the top of the viewer.

To flag a document for correction:

  1. Click or tap Flag for Correction in the viewer toolbar.

    If the Flag for Correction button is hidden, click or tap the More button in the viewer toolbar to display it.

  2. Complete the correction form displayed in the viewer. You must select a correction type from the Correction Type drop-down list.

    To temporarily hide the correction form so that you can view the document, click or tap the collapse button on the left side of the form. Click the button again to expand the form.


    This option is not available when the size of the viewer is less than 349 pixels wide. This can happen when using smaller mobile digital devices.

  3. Click or tap Submit to submit the correction request.

    If you do not want to submit the correction request, click or tap Cancel. If you made any changes in the correction form, a confirmation prompt is displayed.

    • Click or tap Discard Changes to close the form without submitting your changes.

    • Click or tap Stay on Page to keep the form open.