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Hyland Clinician Window

Hyland Clinician Window

The following image displays the basic layout of the Clinician Window interface when viewing all documents and studies related to the selected patient record.



A | User drop-down list

Contains options to update settings, display software information, display keyboard shortcuts, and logout of the current session. For more information on these options, see User Options.

B | Patient information bar

Displays information for the selected patient record.

C | Search filter options field

Searches for content based on specific criteria.

D | Filter bar

Displays applied search filters. The filter bar features a date drop-down list by which to further filter content.

E | Categories pane

Displays categories of patient content. Each category displays a number, which indicates the number of documents or studies within the category that satisfy the current filter criteria.

F | Content list

Displays documents or studies in the currently selected category. If filters are applied, the list includes only documents and studies that satisfy the filter criteria.

G | Content viewer

Displays the document or study currently selected from the content list.