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Identity and Access Management Services

Identity and Access Management Services

Hyland IdP supports Device Code Authorization Flow for input-constrained devices. Input-contrained devices do not have an easy way to enter text or credentials, and hence create a poor user experience. Device Code Authorization Flow offers an easy and secure way for user authentication.

When you initiate Device Code Authorization Flow in Hyland IdP, the Hyland IdP server identifies the special authorization request by the input-constrained device and sends a response that includes a device code, user code, and a verification URI. The code is entered on the device which has the user-input interface.The special authorization request is validated and then the user is issued an access token. For a detailed description on how Device Code Authorization Flow works, see articles on the Auth0 docs website.

The image below displays the Hyland IdP interface where a user needs to submit the code they receive on the client device once an authorization request is initiated.

Note: You must have an authenticated session established with Hyland IdP to validate the authorization request.