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Identity and Access Management Services

Identity and Access Management Services

After initializing the Hyland IdP server it requires additional configuration for use with Perceptive environments. You must configure a provider to use in Perceptive environments. Providers are configured for the tenant and define the authentication protocol that can be used by the tenant.

A valid provider must be configured in order to access the Hyland IdP Administration page and configure the Hyland IdP server.

To configure the Hyland IdP server for use with Perceptive environments:

  1. Locate the idpconfig.json file for the Hyland IdP server and open it for editing. In a default installation, this file is located at C:\Program Files\Hyland\identityprovider\
  2. Locate the Providers block. It should include a default provider configured with a Type value of 1 and a Name value of local.
  3. Change the Type value of the local provider to the correct value for your environment (see the following table).

    The provider type 1 can only be used in OnBase environments.

    Provider Type

    Type Value





    WS-Federation (AD FS)


  4. Change the Name of the provider to a unique name for the provider. This value is required and cannot contain any slashes (/ or \). The default value is local.
  5. Do not change the Id value of the provider. This value must be a unique identification string for the provider and is already set by the initialization process
  6. Follow the remaining instructions for the provider type you are configuring: