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Identity and Access Management Services

Identity and Access Management Services

Hyland Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services is composed of several components. The components do not all have to be installed on the same server, which allows for load balancing. However, if you are not load balancing, it is recommended to install all of the components on the same server.

The following components comprise a complete IAM Services environment:

  • Hyland Identity Provider (IdP) server

  • Hyland IdP Administration client (included with the Hyland IdP server)

  • SQL operational data store for use with Hyland IdP authentication

  • Hyland SCIM server


The Hyland SCIM server is only required for OnBase environments and is installed with the Hyland API Server. The API Server should be installed after installing the Hyland IdP server. See the Hyland API Server module reference guide for details.

After installing the components, the Hyland IdP server must be initialized so it can be configured.

This chapter includes information on installing the IAM Services components and completing the initial configuration of them. See: